Forward Seattle is a non-partisan, self-funded, grassroots organization representing local, independent businesses – from restaurants to retail and everything in between – who need a unified voice in Seattle’s minimum wage debate. There is growing income inequality in this country and we support raising the wage floor as a part of a comprehensive progressive answer to this problem.

By assembling a large and diverse coalition, we seek to advocate for a sustainable minimum wage solution that

a) raises the standard of living of the poorest workers
b) protects local, independent businesses, nonprofits, and all the citizens who rely on them
c) succeeds with an airtight methodology of evaluation and enforcement

We employ thousands of students, parents, immigrants, and people with no experience as well as highly qualified professionals. In addition to providing essential goods and services, we contribute art and culture to our community. We operate with very small profit margins because we love what we do! How legislators choose to implement a minimum wage increase is essential to solvency, sustainability, and survival, for Seattle’s small businesses and for many Seattleites’ jobs.

We believe that our local, independent businesses are one of the many things that make this city great, and we reject any polemical narrative that divides workers and working owners. We work together, that’s how a small business succeeds, and that’s how modeling a fair wage structure for the rest of the country will succeed.



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