Poll: Public Opinion Shifting on $15/hour

The OneSeattle Coalition today announced the results of a public opinion poll that showed a sharp decline in support for an immediate increase of the minimum wage.

The poll, conducted by DHM Research between April 10-13, showed support for increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour in 2015 with a phase for non-profits and businesses with 10 or fewer employees at 47 percent, with 48 percent opposed.

DHM Research conducted a telephone survey of 400 likely voters in the city of Seattle.

A previously released poll by EMC Research in January 2014 reported 68 percent support and 25 percent opposed.

“This city is in the middle of an important debate about wages and how to address income inequality,” said Louise Chernin, president and CEO of the Greater Seattle Business Association. “What these numbers show is that opinions are changing as more facts and analysis comes to light. We look forward to continuing the conversation and finding a way forward that works for Seattle.”