Who Are We Really?

Well, I am one of the owner/operators of El Norte Lounge and Mr. Villa Mexican Restaurant in north Seattle. I am one member of this newly formed, non-partisan, self-funded, grassroots organization called Forward Seattle. We met while attending the numerous Council Meetings and decided that we have a common cause. In addition to being small business owners, we are also concerned citizens and all volunteers. Every expense is self-funded by the volunteers.

Decisions are made by committee and while we do have a collective voice, we all still have our own individual opinions which are in no way eclipsed by the Forward Seattle message. In this light, members will publicly declare in their own time.

There is no average profile of who we are. We are as diverse as are our businesses (retail, restaurants, venues, salons, bakeries, coffeeshops) and hail from every neighborhood and community. Since we have formed, many others have come to identify with our core message: It’s possible to have a thoughtful, sustainable implementation of the minimum wage ordinance.

Kathrina Tugadi